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The Filly Five Fund......

came about when we realized that many people wanted to take the metaphysical classes offered via Mama Rubys' events environments, but simply couldn't afford them.  We thought about how to make offering the classes profitable for the Instructors, while offering the classes at an affordable price to those who wish to attend.  We also had to decide how to offer safe, affordable class locations to benefit all.

As we contemplated generosity, compassion and how to tie it all to our business, Mama Rubys, we remembered our friend Filly.

Filly is one of the most generous souls we know.  At our Mystical Fairs, she would pay for other's metaphysical and healing classes, workshops, reading sessions, healing sessions, and would even slide funds to vendors, allowing someone to receive a treasure, to make sure that she payed her good fortune forward. She is the epitome of 'paying blessings forward'.  And she did it all completely without ego. Completely without the need to be thanked or lauded. Most of Filly's gifts she gave anonymously.  Why did Filly feel this need to pay things forward? Filly had a brush with death. Metaphysics and a Spiritual Path , and knowing compassionate folks who followed those paths, she felt, helped save her.

Remembering her generosity, the Filly Five Fund was formed.  With your donations, people can take the classes offered by wonderful teachers for as little as $5.00. Read Filly's story, in her own words, below, and thank you for your help:

Filly's Story

Filly's story of renewal in her own words....




             I'm a walking miracle. I was raised Catholic so I've always believed in miracles, but mostly for persons more saintly than I am. I am related to Charles and Myrtle Fillmore (my maiden name is Fillmore) who started the Unity Church (NOT the Unitarian Universalists). Unity focuses on the good in all people and all things and emphasizes spiritual healing in conjunction with medical treatments. They, and I, believe in the power of affirmative prayer and that one must LIVE this, not merely believe it. I believe every person is a sacred, worthy, unique expression of the Spiritual Highest Energy (SHE).

            So, I already had a "miracle foundation". Then, I went to my doctor with, what I thought, was the worst case of influenza that I ever had. She said she had a strong feeling it was more serious and drew blood for tests which she insisted on the lab process immediately. It turned out that I had complete, end-stage renal failure. My kidneys were not functioning and my body was poisoning itself.

            I was sent to the emergency room, and then after 4 days in ICU, I spent 2 weeks in the hospital. I had a semi-permanent catheter inserted into the ventricle of my heart and was told that I would be on dialysis 4 hours at a time 3X/week for the rest of my life.  Transplant might have been an option IF I were an eligible candidate, which was doubtful.

            What a major change in my life! And, I'm not talking about the disease or the dialysis. The spiritual community, especially those involved in the Mystical Fair, prayed for me and included me in their meditation. My dear Reiki teacher, Rose Howard, "pushed prayer" (how I refer to Reiki) through my body daily. Co-workers at Kentucky Library and Archives, friends and relatives all said prayers. Talk about being blessed!

            Dialysis gave me forced inactivity which I spent mostly in meditation and prayer. Prayer is valuable, not because it alters circumstances and conditions of your life, but because it alters YOU. Meditation with the belief that we have ALREADY RECEIVED ALL WE NEED can transform the body. I meditate on a white light of love surrounding perfectly functioning organs. I had to remember that prayer and meditation were not to inform the Spiritual Highest Energy of my troubles, but to align with a Higher Power.

            After 5 months of dialysis, my nephrologist's tests showed a change. He said the lab must have screwed up, and they'd have to run the tests again. Three days later... same result. My kidneys were getting slightly better. Two more weeks... even better. The doctor said, "This never happens. Rarely after one month, never after 5 months of not functioning." I told him it just goes to show the power of prayer, meditation, and positive thinking. After 6 months, the doctor said he couldn't explain it, but I no longer needed dialysis. I again reminded him of the power of prayer, meditation, and positive thinking, to which he replied, "Well, I've been praying for you, too. And, I'm Muslim." I simply smiled and said Thank-you.

            Thanks and Gratitude. Today, I am extremely thankful for my wonderful, glorious life. I try to demonstrate or say thanks as many times a day as I can - even to strangers.

            "Thanks for wearing my favorite color."    

            "Thanks for really listening to you kids."

            "Thanks for your beautiful smile; I needed that."

            I take personal responsibility to choose life-affirming thoughts, words and actions. I believe it is our job to express divine potential. I do this best by "paying it forward" as first popularized by Robert Heinlein in BETWEEN PLANETS (1951). Heinlein both preached and practiced this philosophy. Today, The Heinlein Society is a humanitarian organization founded in his name. Heinlein mentored many people including famous author Ray Bradbury who thanked Heinlein by helping new writers, and in his 1957 novel, DANDELION WINE when the main character, Douglas Spaulding reflects on his life being saved by Mr. Jonas, the junkman:

  How do I thank Mr. Jonas, he wondered, for what he has done?

                            How do I thank him, how to pay him back? No way, no way at all.

                            You just can't pay. What then? What?

                            Pass it on somehow, he thought, pass it on to someone else.

                            Keep the chain moving. Look around, find someone, and pass it on.

                            That was the only way...

And so, I pay it forward.

   Filly Tierney

The Filly Five Fund is a Non-Profit Project of Mama Rubys LLC

Mama Rubys LLC sponsors the Filly Five Fund.  Via Mama Rubys Events, there are a myriad of classes, workshops, seminars and more offered by the vendors, healing practitioners, mystics and more that participate in Mama Ruby Shows.  These are the things that we wish to help people take advantage of.  The Filly Five Fund will guarantee the teachers a fair income, while assuring a safe location for the event, and while allowing those who wish to learn a real chance to do so.  We are very honored to sponsor this wonderful non-profit.  We also sponsor the Good Fairy Dust Fund; another way to help others.